Our Brand Value

Afghan Soft is a local company delivering ICT related services to all over the country. Afghan Soft has, at its core, five shared values that address our business principles, conduct and interaction with all our customers:
Leadership Style: Foresight, Commitment, and Guidance are the most common branded value building a future for our people and the customers we serve and leading the way in connectivity enablement.
Integrity: Solid principles, Trusted, Togetherness are the keybranded values, because of our customer, because of our employees and with partners trust and belief we will always succeed.
Can-Do: Optimism, Future focus, Passionate, Happening are mostly focused by Afghan Soft in Creating brighter futures, for everyone whose life we touch,Empowering people, communities and countries and creating possibility .
Innovation: Simplicity, Imagination, Insight, Creativity are the absorbed points by Afghan Soft to perform things differently, making unlikely connections, the unexpected exceeds expectations.
Relationship: Teamwork, Friendly, Personal, Warm & caring are theconsidering points by Afghan Soft to establish connectivity with people on “their level”, having empathy for their unique situations, building relationships with our customers (internal& external).