Our Strategy

Afghan Soft believes that information and communication technologies (ICTs) are an indispensable catalyst for economic development; one that affordsdeveloping countries the opportunity to leapfrog many stages of modernization from a technological perspective. Afghan Soft aims to achieve excellence in each operation and in corporate citizenship presents many challenges. Each of our services deliver differing economic, social and regulatory requirements. Each faces competition and rapid technological advances that prescribe tailored responses. Nonetheless, at a group level, our key strategies are clear: • We are focusing on increasing Information & Communications Technologies capacity where needed, and to merely increasing country level coverage • We are concentrating on increasing customer loyalty, and stimulating usage through innovative services • We are continuously play an important role in bridging the digital divided, providing ICT services in emerging markets • We are continuously invest in emerging local markets, developing new growth engines to fuel the next phase of our development and diversifying our revenue sources • We are continuously support Afghanistan’s emerging market development initiatives • We are continuously embrace the philosophies of corporate citizenship and sustainable development in all our services